The Sixth Estate

No man may stand before another and assert the rights of their estate without an appeal to those artifacts which represent the Sixth Estate. While individuals may bind each other’s will, subject to those places, times, and circumstances by which we live in,  no mortal can subvert the truth, nor hold false those things which are knowable when viewed in the clear light of day. The sixth estate provides the foundation for, and limits the power of, all estates on which society is founded. Without truth, without access to knowledge, without a clear path towards enlightenment, the estates in which we are a part of deminished, wither, and die.

The Sixth Estate introduces researchers, scientists, academics, business leaders, and others whose dedication to the pursuit of truth and knowledge spans both the time and place of our existance. It is a forum for the discussion of ideas, to challenge commonly held beliefs, and to make public supportable documentation of facts.

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Challenging Conventional Wisdom